I Reach Higher is a way to think about who YOU want to be!  Listen to our show, read our blog, and get inspired  by amazing inspirational guests who have found their purpose, pursuing their passions, and sharing them with the world!  We will bring you experts in their fields covering our LCF model!   


Get Inspired. Know Thyself. Have Fun.



Getting Life Right

What matters most to you?      What do you want to accomplish? Who matters most to you?  


Getting Career Right

Where do you go for advice?           Is it a job or a career?                     Are you enthused to go to work?   


Getting Money Right

How do we manage it better?      How do we think of it better?      How do become financially secure?  

Internet Radio Starts

May 14th, 2018. 

First Show, May 14th, 2 pm PST

  • Listen at Healthylife.net
  • Special Guest - Randi Maggid, Healer, Shaman, and Author of Beverly Hills Concentration Camp.  
  • Special Guest - P. Valerie Dauphin, New York Times Bestselling Author of Feel Good Kick Butt Confidence, www.fgkabook.com